Even the most basic decals make every traffic jam an advertising opportunity!

Marcom Signs and Graphics is where you go to have your vehicle wrapped or decalled better than your competition.

Our designers use the latest vehicle templates and their experience in designing for vehicles ensures the greatest impact whether it is a full cover wrap or basic decals.

We also take on jobs other companies won’t, such as custom striping and knifeless tape.

Graphic Wraps

A Graphic Wrap is a wrap which can include photos, images and/or text. You see graphic wraps everywhere advertising businesses. Without any question it is the best and most cost effective way of promoting your business. Marcom Signs and Graphics works with you to create the vehicle wrap you want. Whether choosing background colours, selecting images, using your photographs or placing text, we involve you every step of the way. Our designers are very experienced at laying out the graphic wrap to suit your vehicle, taking into account the shape of the panels and where the panels split and most important of all – making sure the content is in the correct place for maximum impact. Trust us to create the best car wrap or truck wrap for your business..


If cost is an issue or wrap isn’t necessary then decals are the way to go. We can apply your logo, contact details or any information you want on specific areas of you car. Custom printed and cut to suit your branding, vehicle decals can make a large impact for minimal cost.

Custom Stripes

Marcom Signs and Graphics can create new custom stripes to suit the contours of your vehicle or match and replace existing stripes.

Check out the gallery page for photos of car wraps, car decals, striping, carbon fiber hood wraps, truck decals etc… if you don’t see what you want call us on 604-795-4005.

In the video above you can watch our installer wrap a white s63 Mercedes with satin black vinyl.

#1 vehicle wrap and decal installer in Chilliwack.

Don’t believe it? Try us!

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