A Small Company with big ideas!

“The guys at Marcom always over deliver. Their customer service is second to none. I would highly recommend Marcom Signs to everyone”  Pat Lee, Certified Auto Sound & Security

The good looking guy above is Keith… and just so happens to be the author of these bios.

Keith is a graphic designer and has even been known to work outside on actual jobs once in a while.


Nina is Chief Organizer, VP of Customer Service, Head of Intelligence. She will answer your calls, give you quotes and answer any questions you may have. Her real strength is keeping control of all the staff and making sure everything is done on time.

Daniel is our Installer, table guy and general hard worker. Having taken the 3M advanced installer course he will get your job put together not only on time but looking great too… and he’s also not a bad softball player!


Cam is our main installer. He Sailed through the 3M preferred course and then was one of the few to pass the Avery Course. Not many people are both 3M Preferred and Avery Certified. He makes sure we give the best installs and vehicle wraps in the business.

Cam wears his beard and tattoos very well.